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Serenity! At The Disco

Culture, especially music, especially popular music, especially popular electronic music, especially popular electronic dance music, has this thing about taxonomies. Particularly during the 90s, but continuing to this day, EDM has been full of musicians trying to make something that's just as popular as what everyone else is making, but also different enough to be its own thing. The musicians don't create individual works so much as they create brands. And the people who love this music (who often are people who sell it, too) have scrambled to stay on top of this explosion of brands by grouping them into subgenres and creating new names for them all. This is a two-edged sword. Like, if you hear something you like and it turns out to be called "UK garage," you can find other music like it if you search for "UK garage." That's good. On the other hand, if you hear something and say "That sounds like UK garage," some pompous little snit will pop up

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